6 Winnipeg Date Ideas

If you’re a single and have recently purchased one of the condos for sale in Winnipeg, you’re probably curious about dating options in Winnipeg.

While it might be easier for you to find who you’re looking for here, you may need some help coming up with date ideas – these options should give you a good start.

The Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium

You’ll literally see stars in your eyes if you take your date to the planetarium at the Manitoba Museum. It features a variety of shows. You can take a guided tour of the night sky that includes planets, constellations and celestial events that can be seen in the dark skies over Manitoba. The show is updated by staff with current news and the latest discoveries.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Mini-Golf, Bumper Cars and Laser Tag at the U-Putttz Amusement Centre

Just like it sounds, this establishment is all about amusements with plenty of fun to be had. Including 18 holes of glow-in-the-dark miniature golf. Test your skills deep in the sea with sharks, dolphins and fish in the front 9.

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Before heading to prehistoric times in the back 9 playing among pterodactyl, a tyrannosaurus rex and brontosaurs. You can crash into each other in the bumper cars and play a friendly game of postapocalyptic-themed laser tag too.

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Catch a Show at Celebrations Dinner Theatre

The Celebrations Dinner Theatre offers three-act musical comedies. Enjoy your entertainment while being served a delectable four-course meal by servers in character. The talented cast crafts parodies some of the biggest names in film and television.

Enjoy Brunch at One of Winnipeg’s Top Spots

Brunch is not only delicious, it’s somehow romantic dining on croissants and a host of other delights while sipping mimosas. Some of the best places in Winnipeg for the in-between breakfast and lunch meal include Crème DeL’Essence. It’s menu blends French dishes with Filipino roots. You will find incredibly tasty chicken and waffles, and eggs benedict.

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Ben & Florentine serves up comfort foods like breakfast poutine smothered in hollandaise, while Frenchway Café features sweet and savoury crepes, brioches, breads, croissants and pastries.

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Take a Hike

Fort Whyte Alive is a great place for a hike with over four miles of trails and five picturesque lakes. There are bog boardwalks and even a bison herd and prairie dogs as well as an interpretive centre. It features nature exhibits, including an aquarium and burrowing owls. During the chillier months of the year, it’s a great place for tobogganing, ice skating and cross-country skiing.

Laugh Together at Rumors Comedy Club

Winnipeg hosts the Rumors Comedy Club providing a great way to enjoy some laughs together. You know what they say, “Couples that laugh together last together,” so if you’re hoping for something more long-term, this date idea may be a must.

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