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Tackle That Fro, Natural Hair Series

Tackle That Fro

Natural Hair Series

Originally Posted: September, 20, 2017
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Hello everyone, and welcome back to Join The ME Project. Today, I will be introducing Tackle That Fro. It’s a natural hair series where you will learn more about me. You will find out the highs, lows, and the whoas. Starting off, I’m sharing what my mindset was when I thought about creating this series.

The Past

In the very beginning of my blogging journey I wanted to be able to keep my blogging life separate from my personal life. Some may remember, for a while I didn’t use my first name, I went by my blogging name. But in a way, I realized I created a barrier and it simply wasn’t cutting it. I didn’t want to restrict myself to what content I created.

I want you all to be able to get to know me and vice versa. Can someone be 50% anonymous? Maybe a better word for it is private? The point I’m trying to make is that I’ll be sharing more about myself, and to start that we have the Tackle That Fro series.

Tackle That Fro

I’ve been natural for over four years now, and man let me tell you, it’s been a journey. The “why did I agree to this trip, how long are we going to be on this car journey.” But I’ll start at the very beginning so you’ll be along for the ride. In the Tackle That Fro series I’ll be discussing the following:

  1. I Give up Creamy Crack!
  2. Natural Influences
  3. How Not to Big Chop
  4. After BC, What Next?
  5. Products: Fails & Wins
  6. Hair Expectations
  7. Protective Styling
  8. Hair Tools

Hopefully, this will be another way for you to get to know me. And through the comments, I can get to know you too. So as always, let me know what you think. If you are natural, how has the transition been for you? If you’re not natural and have a different hair texture, what do you think about all of this?

Introducing my transition from relaxed to natural. Starting at the very beginning. Check out this article at jointhemeproject.comIntroducing my transition from relaxed to natural. Starting at the very beginning. Check out this article at

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Eat Better, Feel Better with HelloFresh

Eat Better, Feel Better with HelloFresh

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Sticking to your goals of living a healthier lifestyle just got a whole lot easier with fresh, easy to follow recipes from HelloFresh. Eating right doesn’t mean substituting nutrition for flavor; whether it’s Sweet-As-Honey Chicken, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos, or Vibrant Veggie Skewers, HelloFresh has easy, delicious, and healthy meals perfect for the individual or family looking to eat better and feel better.

Eat Better

In addition to providing healthy choices, the HelloFresh culinary and sourcing teams search for the most environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients for each and every one of their recipes. HelloFresh works with some of the best family-owned and operated suppliers in the country, like Del Ray Avocado in California and Sea to Table in New York. Whether it’s seafood, meat, or vegetables, you can rest assured knowing that your meal includes the highest-quality ingredients possible.

Feel Better

Signing up for HelloFresh is as simple as picking a plan that matches your dietary preferences (Veggie, Classic, or Family), selecting your meals (choose from 15 new recipes each week), and scheduling delivery (available 7 days/week). Their flexible subscription model even allows you to skip weeks, modify your plan, and change your weekly menu. Easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional info makes cooking for even the most inexperienced chef a breeze.

And, because each meal kit contains pre-measured ingredients, you only use what you buy – no more overspending on ingredients at the grocery store that either go bad or wind up in the garbage. Staying committed to a healthier lifestyle and eating better can be difficult, but HelloFresh is here to help. Say hello to easy, delicious, and healthy home cooking that’s actually fun with HelloFresh. Sign up for HelloFresh today and save $30 on your first box!

As always, let me know what you think. Have you used a service like HelloFresh before and did you like it? Will you be signing up for HelloFresh?

How healthy are your eating habits? Check out this article at How healthy are your eating habits? Check out this article at

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Obliviscar Felt Letter Board Review

Obliviscar Felt Letter Board Review

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Hello, and welcome back to Join The ME Project. Today I will be sharing my review of the Obliviscar Felt Letter Board. You will be getting my thoughts on the board itself, and a detailed look on what comes with it.

Let’s Welcome Spring!

First day of spring

I used the board for the first time yesterday, not only to welcome spring but to play around with it. And I really like that it’s an item or product that doesn’t take much time to learn by way of direction.

Inside the Box

Inside the box

Inside the box you get:

  • A letter board sized 10”X10”
  • Precut letters
  • A sorting tray to keep your letters in
  • Adjustable wood stand

What I Think

I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about this felt letter board. I’m really happy with it and I can tell just how much thought Obliviscar put into it. There’s no wasted packaging or plastic. They thought of the consumer’s convenience so the letters are pre-cut. Included with everything else, is a picture to help you identify where the letters are.

Sorting card

And there are so many uses to a board like this. I joked yesterday that I finally felt like an official blogger now that I had one of these. But aside from social media, this can be used for decoration. Or it can be used to leave short funny messages for your family.

So as always, let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have a letter board, do you like it? If not, would you buy this one?

Sharing my review of my new felt letter board. Read the article at

Sharing my review of the felt letter board. Check out this article at

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Healthy & Happy Snacking

Healthy & Happy Snacking

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Hello, and welcome back to Join The ME Project. Today, I will be sharing ten healthy snack options, some savory, some sweet. Does your favorite healthy snack make the list?

List of 10

Pistachios: They are one of my favorite nuts to eat, and a great addition to both savory and sweet meals. The generally accepted portion amount is about 1 cup. You can put some in a sandwich bag and take with you on the go.

Watermelon: If you’ve read, Spoonie Tips for Surviving Winter, you would know that I am partial to watermelon. It’s great for an in-between meal snack and it aids in hydration which is also important.

Giving you ten healthy snack options to lead a happy life.

Broccoli: By itself, it’s fresh and good. But my sister has got me hooked on drizzling the broccoli with a little olive oil, some lemon pepper seasoning, and roasting it for a few minutes. It’s really good.

Healthy Snacks

Cottage Cheese: Cottage Cheese may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a great healthy option to consider. It’s a great source of protein and can be topped with savory or sweet depending on your preference. My favorite combination is mandarin oranges and honey.

Guacamole: Now, guacamole, is my mother’s favorite snack. Usually, we buy a bag of avocados from our local Sam’s Club and we make it fresh and home. Eat it with tortilla chips or veggies.

Bananas: I think bananas are the quiet, unsung hero in our house. They offer so many health benefits, I could probably write a blog post on that alone. We try to keep them in the house, especially now that we’ve cut down on sweets.

Happy Snacks

Apples: Usually, when I have an apple as a snack it’s in combination with something else. I will slice up an apple and pair it with some caramel dip or cheese. Most of the time, it’s apple slices, cheese, and whatever lunch meat we have available.

Easy Tuna Salad: This easy tuna salad is just that, easy. Take a bowl, get your tuna, mayo, and lemon juice. Mix those ingredients together and then add salt and pepper to taste. Put over a bed of lettuce or a slice of tomato.

Giving you ten healthy snack options to lead a happy life.

Yogurt Parfait: The main components of yogurt parfaits are the fruit, yogurt, and granola if you like it. The possibilities truly are endless. Making a parfait should be based on your specific taste or dietary needs.

Smoothies: I am a huge fan of smoothies. The day can go by so quickly before you realize you haven’t had anything to eat. Smoothies don’t take long to make and you can also make them ahead of time. If you have an issue eating all of your fruits and veggies, just cram them in a smoothie.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. What healthy snacks would you include in a top ten list? To read more posts like this one visit Village Bakery.

Sharing ten healthy snack options to lead a happy life. Read the article at

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Cratejoy: Subscription Boxes for Everyone

Cratejoy: Subscription Boxes for Everyone

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Whether shopping for friends, family, or coworkers, Cratejoy has a subscription box perfect for each person on your list. Use code CRATEJOY15 to save 15% off any 6-month or 12-month gift membership.

Here are a few of the subscription boxes.

Simple Loose Leaf – $9/month

Tea lovers rejoice when receiving this box from Simple Loose Leaf. Each box includes 10 grams of black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and seasonal tea, and the blends change each month. Choose between classic and decaf boxes.


BookCase.Club – $9.99/month

The BookCase.Club box was made for the bookworm in your life. Each month he or she receives two books selected by BookCase.Club’s curators. Genres range from cookbooks to thrillers, so there’s always something new to look forward to.


Treats – $13.95/month

Snackers have met their match with the Treats box. Filled with items from around the world that you can’t find at the local grocery store, choose your subscription of 5+ international snacks or 10+ international snacks.


As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. Would you subscribe to any of the three listed here? Or have you bought another subscription box from Cratejoy before?

 Sharing a coupon code and three subscription boxes you can find on the site. Read the article at

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Breaking Down January and February Stats

Breaking Down

January and February Stats

Hello, everyone and welcome back to Join The Me Project. Today we will be taking a few steps into the past as I go over my January and February stats. Just as with the previous post, I will be breaking down my stats and sharing what I’ve learned.

Inspired by a Quote


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”Sometimes you win. & Sometimes you learn.”- Unknown

Click here to read the previous Stats postBreaking Down My First Month of Blogging.


Going into the start of January, I had a general plan of action.

  • Beat my stats from December
  • Build up my Resource Library
  • Create good content

Stats for January

Initially, I had a bad mindset because I started to compete with myself. It was all about the numbers and every chance I got, I was checking to see if there was a change. But then I had to remind myself that even though I have blogging experience, this particular blog is new. Instant success doesn’t happen, and if it does, then it isn’t worth it.

Instant success doesn’t happen, and if it does, then it isn’t worth it.Join The ME Project

Once I got over that bump in the road than I could focus on the rest of my goals. Building my Resource Library didn’t prove to be difficult at all. With a few of the blog posts, I wrote in January, I would create a printable using Canva and make it available to download through my newsletter. If you want me to write up a post on how to do so, please just let me know in the comments section below.

Click here to readFree Resources Every Blogger Should Know About.

My last goal for January was simple enough and that was to create good content. With my first blog, I made a lot of mistakes. One of those mistakes was that I wrote and published blog posts just about every day.

And this isn’t to shade bloggers that do so, but I found it detrimental to my health. It had me so stressed out. I’ve mentioned before that I want this blog to be different. I want to take the mistakes from the past and turn them into lessons for the present.

I think that if you create good enough content you don’t have to write as much. As bloggers, content creators, and influencers we spend just as much time promoting our work on social media. I think it’s a 50/50 job between writing and promoting. If the content is good enough, I would continue to get views from those posts all month.

I want to take the mistakes from the past and turn them into lessons for the present.Join The ME Project

What I Wrote

I published 10 posts during the month of January. The most popular were:

Breaking Down My First Month of Blogging– 121 views

Finding & Creating Your Brand Identity– 90 views

Stats for January

  • 431 visitors


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reader
  • Pinterest


If I could consider January, my high than, February was definitely my low. I generally just did not feel well last month. And while my blog took a hit, there are still accomplishments that I am very proud of.

February stats

Stats for February

  • 180 visitors


  • Reader
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Looking at the above stats you can truly see the difference between the two months. Wherein January, I was initially battling a bad mindset, this time around I was battling my health. I was dealing with complications with my Occipital Neuralgia and some days, I could find any inspiration to write.

Just like in, “Nana! The Pot’s Burning!”, some days you just have to accept defeat and wait for the next day.

What I Wrote

But this doesn’t mean that I didn’t write anything. For the month of February, I wrote 10 posts which seem to be my average. The most popular were:

Create a Self-Care Toolkit– 41 views

Let’s Build a Community!– 36 views

Making a Dream Reality

The month wasn’t a total wash though. I was able to put into action a part of a dream I’ve had since my last blog. I created The Community, a side project of Join The ME Project.

Click here to read more, The Community

As of now, there’s a Facebook group, Twitter RT account, and Wednesday highlight post on my IG. I’m so happy that the feedback has been great so far.

I think that may be all I have to discuss today, as always, let me know what you think in the comments below.


Just as with the previous post, I will be breaking down my stats and sharing what I’ve learned. Read at

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