The mE Project




The mE Project was created and designed to become a community of creators willing to help each other grow. I created the mE Project because I was so astonished and surprised by the support shown to me when I first started blogging. I wanted to make a space where that same energy could grow and become something new.

With its formation in 2017, several posts were made and interviews were done for the blogger series. My wish is to see this continue to flourish. I thank each and every one of you who took part in the first series of interviews.

Guest Post

As this community continues to grow, I would love to use my platform to share your views and opinions. Since the very beginning, the mE Project has been based on three words. Motivate. Encourage. Energize.

These topics are very vague but I do not like to be restrictive. You can read the previous mE Project posts as examples. If you would be interested in guest posting, please contact me.

Interview Series

I have discovered so many amazing bloggers through the interview series. And I want to continue this for as long as possible. If you would be interested in the interview series, please contact me.

Social Media

Become part of the community and let’s help each grow.