Where I’ve Been, Where I’m At

Hello, everyone and welcome back to Join The ME Project. I know it’s been a while for everyone, especially for me. In today’s post, I will be giving everyone an update of where I’ve been, and what will be happening in the future.

My Thoughts

This past week, I’ve been pondering over whether or not I wanted to continue my blogging journey. I knew my hiatus was four months. But it wasn’t until I started to log back into my social media that the time away really hit me. So many changes had occurred that I didn’t know about and I just felt out of my element.

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Additionally, during my blog hiatus, I had my hip surgery. And then I was placed on bed rest for six weeks. If you saw my latest Instagram and Twitter post, I discussed a little bit about my initial thought process. Right after my surgery, I kept thinking that I would be able to jump back into my regular routine. Reality basically hit me in the face and let me know that wasn’t going to happen.

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What’s Next for Me?

This week though, I had my six-week post-op appointment. I learned that I would have to go through three months of physical therapy. And during these next three months, I will have to learn how to walk and bear weight on my right leg again.

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It kind of hit me all at once, just how much work I would have to put in with regards to my physical health and my blog. My initial thought was, ”Could I do it?” Should I apply my attention to my physical health and just forget about my blog? As always, I turned to my inner circle. I talked to my mom about how I was feeling and it came up in conversation when I was talking to my sister on the phone. That definitely built me up and relieved me of my worries.

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So at this point, you are probably wondering, ”What’s the verdict? What is Erika going to do?” Well, this blog post is the very answer to that. Quitting at this point just isn’t possible. And I feel like if I did, I would be right back at it, within a short time period. I do want to thank you all for being so patient with me, during my hiatus and surgery. That means so much to me.

Right now, I don’t have a schedule set up. I’m really just taking everything day by day. I have some ideas for things in the future. But I will make a blog post about that later on.

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